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Erol the stupid, floaty headed skull man thing is taking on the Forpe dimension. As he makes his way through weird scenarios and encounters, freaks, geeks and beasts he has one mission...


To defeat all of Forpe's creation's for his entertainment and win his freedoom from his dimension.


With help from his “friends”  El Cap ( the drunkard six limbed tash enthusiast) & Handyman Stan (quite handy).  Will  you have what it takes to journey with Erol as he trips ass over tit through the realm of no structure?

NOTE : Freedoom is the trash can of Forpe’s musings. It has no reason nor should it be explained. If you crave logic then please walk away.


However if you wish to get as lost as Erol then get strapped in my cucumber soaked wedges and get ready for some visual theatre.*

*Some of these words may or may not be made up, and Forpe may or may not know what they mean. If you have scrolled to the bottom to read this you’re probably taking life too seriously. But we still love you. Well Erol does, but he is fictitious. Or is he?**


** Erol is. Sorry.